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United Way Targets Youth/Youth Mental Health

SUDBURY - The Board of Directors at United Way Centraide Sudbury and/et Nipissing Districts have decided to allocate funds to programs supporting youth and youth mental health in 2017. Youth has been identified as 0-29 years of age. United Way has decided to make a change by prioritizing the identified concern of youth and youth mental health within our community, therefore addressing the health and well being of children, youth and young adults within Sudbury.

According to United Way Board President, Ashley Thomson "This decision is in line with our strategic plan for 2015-18 that addresses a key priority related to the health and well being of children, youth and young adults in our communities.”

Jeff Huska, Allocations Chair commented that "Agencies completing applications for funding in the new year can only apply for funding if their program focuses on youth and youth mental health." He adds "Those programs that are currently completing their first or second year of a three-year funding agreement will receive the same funding as last year, conditional on satisfactory outcomes, and agency contract agreement compliance, and of course, that the campaign is able to support that commitment.”

The Ministry of Children and Youth has identified Sudbury as a community with which youth are in the most need of our support. Statistics show that in comparison to the provincial average there are some significant concerns in Sudbury regarding: youth not in education, employment or training. Reports also show Sudbury is facing significant issues in terms of drug use in schools, teen pregnancies, crime rate with youth 12-17 years of age and more.

“The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) – Sudbury/ Manitoulin commends the United Way Board of Directors on their direction and investment this year to provide a focus on youth and youth mental health services and supports." says Marion Quigley, CMHA Executive Director "We all know the impact that poverty has on children and their families, so spending funds on children and youth programs will have a positive benefit now and in the future for healthier communities.”

Michael Cullen, Executive Director says, "We look forward to working with our community partners to address some of these pressing needs in Sudbury. All those who have questions or concerns regarding our change of local focus are welcome to contact me."

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